There are many misconceptions about what Human Trafficking is.  

As survivors we want everyone to understand that this does not look the same in most cases,

 although there are many similarities. 

There is no way to provide all the information on a webpage but we can give a little information to start with. 


Who can be a trafficker?

  • A boyfriend, a friend, family members, strangers…anyone.

What is Sex-Trafficking?

  •  When a person is sexually exploited for the benefit of another for $, drugs, food, housing, or anything of value including power.

By means of Force - the use of threat or violence - Fraud - deception, lies, and promises

Coercion - persuasion by force or threats

What do I look for?

  • Signs of physical abuse like burn marks, bruises, and cuts
  •  Unexplained absences from school, tired or falling asleep in class
  • Sexualized behavior
  • Withdrawn depressed or distracted
  • Brags about making or having a lot of money, displays expensive items
  • New tattoos (often used by pimps to brand victims)
  • Older boyfriend, gang involvement, around a person or people that do not fit lifestyle (odd couple)
  • Running away, couch surfing (staying with friends, homelessness)
  • Multiple cell phones, aliases, social media accounts with different names, graphic online profile pics
  • Large number of condoms, hotel key cards, fake IDs, random Visa/MC gift cards
  • Venmo, Cash App, PayPal accounts on a phone
  • Unaware of whereabouts, inconsistencies in stories, little or no eye contact, looking down

What do I do?

  • Have as much information as possible, description of persons, identifying marks, make/model/vehicle plate #
  • Make the call.
 Emergent danger call 911 

otherwise, call

Human Trafficking Hotline - 1-888-373-7888

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

1-800 THE LOST (843-5678)

Oklahoma AG Victim services 24-hour Safe line

1-800-522-SAFE (7233)

Or Text

233733 (BEFREE)


The above pictures were created by OSC Board Member and CEO of Angels Go To Work, Shanna Parker, as part of her Oh Say Can You See, campaign and was given the honor of being part of the Polaris Project Survivor Gallery, you can see more of these real-life portrays by clicking the following link.