​Uniting Survivor Leaders to Create Social Change


Oklahoma Survivors Council provides  HT (Human Trafficking) 101, 201, 301 From a survivors perspective. The education and information received is directly from Survivor Leaders/Lived Experience Experts and a certificate of completion is provided.  This is available to Schools, Law Enforcement, Medical Personal, Social Services, Churches and any one who wants to increase their knowledge to be an informed part of the fight against HT.

OSC makes sure to educate ourselves and each other on legislative issues, laws, mental health and other services, to stay on top of all the changes.


Communication is key to any and all relationships, we must be able to work together and build each other up,  OSC strives to communicate with others to help give input for personal and organizational growth, providing consultation and trainings.  We make every effort possible to be available to other organizations working with survivors to aid in challenging situations.  


Relationships are key in restoration..."Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care"...

OSC not only mentors, helping each other full fill the vision in their heart, but also advocates for survivors, maybe we are just there as a support system, at times as witnesses in court cases, helping to communicate sensitive needs with DHS, linking survivors to resources such as support groups, recovery services, case management and trauma therapy.

Who We Are


The Oklahoma Survivors Council began in August of 2017, when founder Susan Bredemeyer was moved by the loss of a dynamic National Survivor Leader in the anti-human trafficking movement.  She saw how powerful the unity of fellow survivors was and how the impact of unity created a string of national memorial services honoring the work of the late survivor as well and creating awareness of human trafficking.  

Our first meeting involved both local survivors and allies and the vision grew from there.  The OSC has spoken throughout the state and nationally informing, training, and educating Social Services, Law Enforcement, Churches, Schools, and others in the community on human trafficking from a "Survivors Perspective".  OSC has spoken with politicians, judges, and victims rights organizations regarding the needs of victims/survivors in our state and we work alongside of survivors advocating mentoring and empowering them to use their voices and knowledge of lived experience to full fill the vision of their life and help create social change.

"We are more than survivors, we are warriors, women and men that have overcome, and we desire to be a light into a darkness that most people cannot comprehend."

Rev. Susan Bredemeyer